The 1st Ever Burger Beast Burger Brawl at Magic City Casino, South Florida Burger Week(end)

Burger Beast Burger Brawl
Magic City Casino
450 NW 37th Ave
Miami, FL 33125

– The Burger Week Goes to South Florida May 9 & 10, 2014 –


The Burger Week is a 7-day celebration of trendsetting chefs and unique burgers with a series of daily events.

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If you live in South Florida and you love Burgers, this is your guy:


For those familiar with Sef Gonzales aka “Burger Beast,” you can rely on him to give quality suggestions on where to find the best and most delicious comfort Foods, especially Burgers, in the South Florida area. A Miami native, Sef pens a blog under his nickname, Burger Beast. Several years ago Burger Beast quit his full time job to become a full-time Beast, creating awesome food events like The Burgies, The Frita Showdown and El Main Evento. In 2014 he added another event to his roster; a cooking invitational where Chefs and Restaurants would battle to be named Best Burger in South Florida as decided by those who attended. That’s when he called me and asked if my employer, Burger Maker, a fresh ground Beef processor, would be interested in sponsoring the event. We of course said “YES” and The Burger Brawl was born.


– $50 for Burger samples from 20 restaurants plus other food and drink –


May 9, 2014
Magic City Casino
450 NW 37th Ave,
Miami, FL 7:00 pm

Price: $50
Ticket link:


  • Entrance to the event
  • Samples from 20 great Burger Joints
  • 2013 Frita Showdown Champion El Rey de las Fritas’ Frita Cubana
  • Sakaya Kitchen’s Chunk’d Tot Bar
  • Miami Smoker’s Bacon
  • Desserts from Azucar Ice Cream Company, HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato Bars, Marlie’s Delights, & Sugar Yummy Mama
  • Beer Samplings from Samuel Adams
  • CAWY Soft Drinks (Jupiña & Materva)
  • Pure Brazilian Coconut Water
  • Wine by Cerdà Llanos y Cià

I once asked The Burger Beast “If you could have a Burger with anyone alive, or dead, fictional or real, who would it be and where would you take them?” His answer: “I’d take Elvis to have a Guberburger at Wheel Inn.” We’re recreating that Burger as part of the 10th anniversary screening of “Hamburger America” with George Motz for NY Burger Week. I’d invite Sef to attend, eat the Burger and do my best Shake, Rattle and Roll for him but he’s going to be busy in his home of Miami, FL. On Friday May 9th, The Burger Beast, after 5 and half years of writing his blog has put together what he believes to be the “Best Burger Competition line-up in South Florida ever.” This massive Burger event is called the Burger Beast Burger Brawl or 4B for short.

From The Burger Beast:

On Friday May 9th from 7 to 10PM at Magic City Casino, come out and celebrate National Hamburger Month with us at the inaugural Burger Beast Burger Brawl sponsored by Miami Lakes Auto Mall and presented by Burger Maker.

Your vote counts! That’s right, every attendee will cast one vote for their favorite Burger Joint. Whoever receives the most will be named Burger Brawl Champion and receive a soon to be coveted one of kind trophy that can be displayed at their restaurant.

Your ticket gets you Burger samples from all these great South Florida Burger spots:

A Burger Beast event is like none other. While this was a Burger cook-off, he was sure to also include samplings of various Desserts, Wines, Beers, Sodas and even Brazlian Coconut Water. On top of that, there was great music provided by both a DJ and an energetic live band. That’s a whole heck of a lot for one event when you consider there were also 2 Food Trucks and 20 Burger vendors. Even with all that, there were no lines, the Food was hot and fresh, everyone in attendance was friendly, attentive and got a chance to sample all that they could handle. Burger Beast events are smooth, tasty and fun. You really can’t ask for much more.


A&G Burger Joint – Colombian Burger:
This mouthful of a burger is packed with 50% Black Angus beef from Burger Maker and 50% Colombian chorizo patty, queso blanco, fried julienne potato strips, kamikaze mustard, kalamata garlic aioli , cajun ranch, jalapeño cream, and served on a butter toasted brioche bottom bun and a cheese arepa top “bun.”


Bread + Butter Counter -The Unincorporated MD Burger:
A burger for Miami to call its own is topped with homemade ‘merican cheese, jamon dulce, signature B+B pickles, onions and special sauce served on a chicharron studded Cuban sesame roll. Made with Burger Maker’s Signature Custom Blend of Chuck and Brisket beef.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4794 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4798

Burger & Beer Joint – Midnight Rider:
A decadent short rib burger topped with bacon, arugula, goat cheese, red onion marmalade and truffle aioli on a brioche bun. Made with Burger Maker’s Signature Custom Chuck Brisket Shortrib blend of ground beef.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4788 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4790

Charm City Burger Company  – The Forager:
Just like its name describes, the burger is a collection of local ingredients. Charm City’s secret patty blend is topped with white American cheese, jowl bacon, pickled tomatoes and charred ramp aioli on an everything bun.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4912 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4913

Cheeseburger Baby – Keepin’ it Classic:
A lightly toasted buttered bun stuffed with a hand-pattied Angus Chuck beef burger from Burger Maker, cooked to a juicy medium and lovingly sprinkled with Baby’s secret seasoning salt, topped with sharp cheddar cheese, an over medium fried egg and crispy honey smoked bacon.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4781 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4782

Eating House  – Carbonara Burger:
Spaghetti carbonara in burger form is simply indulgent. A Burger Maker fresh Black Angus beef patty topped with applewood-smoked bacon, a fried egg, black truffle and smothered with Fontina and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses.


Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill – Pesto Burger:
A Burger Maker Certified Angus Beef all chuck patty is seasoned with Gilbert’s signature seasoning and topped with homemade sun-dried tomato pesto, fresh mozzarella cheese, a drizzle of olive oil and served on a sweet egg bun.


Graziano’s – Graziano’s Burger:
A homemade potato bun holds up a piquant chorizo burger with grilled red peppers, cherry tomatoes, shallots and chimichurri aioli.


Jefe’s Original Fish Taco and Burger – Jefe’s Cheeseburger:
100% Fresh ground beef Steaburger from Burger Maker stacked on a toasted bun with deli-style American cheese, grilled onions and Jefe’s own secret Boss Sauce.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4908 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4910

Jersey Dawg – Jersey-Style Slider w/ Cheese:
Take a bite of the good ole’ Jersey days in Miami. A Fresh Ground 75/25 Steakburger from Burger Maker is cooked on a bed of steamed onions topped with American cheese and served on a potato roll.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4827 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4831

Josh’s Deli – Pastrami Frita Burger:
Josh’s Deli offers a deli take on the Cuban classic with pastrami spiced and smoked ground beef patty using Burger Maker’s Certified Angus Beef Chuck fresh ground beef, latke crisps and Russian dressing.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4818 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4825

Latin House Grill  – Mad Love w/ A Twist:
Special sirloin, brisket chuck blend topped with Provolone, Swiss, Mozzarella and BellaVitano Gold cheeses, applewood smoked maple glazed bacon, Irish butter grilled mushrooms and onions, Hass avocado, avocado lime and crema Mexicana sauces and the piece de resistance, candied jalapeño.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4927 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4929

MEAT Eatery & Taproom – Thee Southern Belle:
Wagyu burger topped with aged cheddar cheese and a zesty, smoky Serrano, bacon and tomato jam.


OTC – New Mexican Green Chili Cheeseburger:
Continuing OTC’s mission of exposing Miami to the diverse flavors and cuisines of other states, this flatiron-cooked burger made with Signature Custom Blend Chuck Brisket beef from Burger Maker is paired with melted cheddar cheese, green chili relish and sweet onion jam capturing the inspiring flavors of New Mexico.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4921 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4923

Pincho Factory –  – Toston Burger:
Pincho Factory’s infamous burger! Burger Maker’s Signature Custom Blended chuck, brisket and short rib patty is topped with jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cilantro sauce and nestled between 2 tostones, giving new use to the fried Latin favorite.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4878 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4881

The Rolling Stove –  – Bacon Chipotle Burger:
All Natural, no hormones, no anti-biotics, ever, fresh ground beef patty from Burger Maker is served with American cheese, grilled onions, chipotle sauce and jalapeño jelly on a toasted bun.


Shake Shack – ShackBurger:
100% all-natural Angus beef cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and creamy ShackSauce served on a buttered and toasted potato bun. No hormones and no antibiotics ever.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4915 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4919

Swine – The Swine Burger:
Short rib, brisket and smoked pork blend patty topped high with a homemade dill pickle, thick-cut house-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and Swine special sauce.


Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox – Burger Brawl Burger: This burger is a delight of melty goodness, with American and cheddar cheeses, and textures with crispy onions, mixed pickles and ketchup leather on a crunch bun. Made with a Fresh Ground 75/25 Steakburger from Burger Maker.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4870 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4871

Vega’s Burger Bar – The Fireman:
This burger brings the heat with homemade chipotle barbecue sauce, creamy pepper jack cheese, and fresh jalapeño peppers. To soothe its bold flavors, it is topped with homemade onion strings and served on a fresh brioche bun. Made with Burger Maker’s fresh Steakburger.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4862 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4867


HipPOPS – Baby Root Beer Float Pop


Azucar Ice Cream Company


CAWY Soft Drinks (Jupiña & Materva)


Beer Samplings from Samuel Adams


The restaurant that won the Burger Brawl not only walked away with the bragging rights but also a pretty sweet award plaque.


Congrats to Latin House Grill for claiming the victory!


If you attended this event, then thank you. Being an event producer is an incredibly hard task and for a first time event, this one was pretty awesome. Your support is appreciated and I personally had a blast with everyone I spoke with. Thank you to Burger Beast and Señora Beast. Thank you for creating an awesome event. Thank you for curating some of the best Burgers in South Florida. Thank you for inviting Burger Maker to be a part. 2015 is going to be even more awesome. Thank you to every Chef, Restaurant, Cook, Server and employee of every Restaurant and Food Truck that took place. Cooking on strange equipment on top of hot pavement is in no way the same as using your own kitchen and everything I ate was awesome. This goes to show that it’s not the equipment, it’s you and your team. An impressive and delicious job from everyone involved. Thank you to all the other sponsors who came together to support Burger Beast. Without you, none of this would’ve happened. I hope you are as happy as we are. Thank you to Magic City Casino for hosting this event. I wish we had a similar space in NYC but I guess this is what makes doing this event in Miami so special. Thank you to Burger Maker for agreeing to sponsor this event and a special thanks to Chip Crenshaw who did all the footwork to make sure all the restaurants were able to sample and use our delicious, fresh ground Beef.

I like Burgers.

Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4940 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4758 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4763 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4764 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4766 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4768Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4869 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4885 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4844Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4894 Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4899Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4938Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4943Burger_Beast_Burger_Brawl_Miami_Burger_Week_Burger_Conquest_Burger_Maker_Magic_City_050914_4805

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