3rd Annual NY Burger Week, May 1-7, 2014 – Details Announced


MAY 1-7, 2014

To celebrate National Hamburger Month, Burger Conquest, Burger Maker & The Food Film Festival proudly bring you the 3rd Annual NY Burger Week, May 1-7, 2014.

The Burger Week is a 7-day celebration of trendsetting chefs and unique burgers with a series of daily events.

Burger Conquest announces the 3rd annual NY Burger Week from May 1-7, 2014. Offering gourmet blends, off-menu specialities, drink pairings – and the return of the Burger Crawl! – NY Burger Week will pay tribute to the world’s greatest sandwich, the Hamburger. Each restaurateur and Chef will be preparing a unique event that pays tribute to the Burger in their own way.

NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Black_Shack_Eastern_Meets_Western_Event_Layered_FinalThe Burger Week in New York kicks off May 1 at Black Shack (320 Lexington Ave) with a unique burger collaboration. Chef Jeffrey Maslanka brings off-menu burgers to the Burger Week, this time with Ramen Burger creator Keizo Shimamoto. Chef Jeff was the creative force behind the 2013 NY Burger Week off-menu Burger brunch at 67 Burger. For 2014, he and Shimamoto will work together to re-imagine each other’s Burger. Keizo has re-designed Jeff’s Western Burger – and it will be served along with Jeff’s take on the Ramen Burger. The dinner, limited to only 40 seats, will also feature a Black Shack off-menu Asian-themed side and a beer milk shake.

More details and tickets are available here: http://theburgerweek.com/tickets/

NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_The_Bar_Room_Mexican_Burger_Most_Interesting_Man_In_the_World_EventTo celebrate Cinco De Mayo, The Burger Week has teamed up with The Bar Room (117 E. 60th St) for a Mexican-themed Burger feast. On May 5, you’ll be treated to a special pre-fixe dinner designed by The Bar Room Chef Kenny Brand. The event includes a 5-course Mexican themed dinner with 3 dishes and 2 cocktails, including a beer cocktail made with Dos Equis. The star of the show will be a Mexican-spiced Burger patty topped with aged cheddar, grilled tomato, fresh-made pico de gallo and a side of nachos (replacing the standard French Fries). The burger will be made with Burger Maker’s fresh “Certified Angus Beef Steakburger” which includes only fresh Certified Angus Beef trimming that are upper two-thirds USDA Choice.

More details and tickets are available here: http://theburgerweek.com/tickets/

NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Idle_Hands_Bar_ACDC_Back_In_Black_Angus_Event_Beer_Layered_Final.jpgThe 2014 Burger Week in NY returns to Idle Hands Bar (25 Avenue B) on May 6th with another installment of their rock ‘n’ roll burger and beer pairing dinners. The event is called the “AC/DC Back In Black Angus Burger and Beer Pairing.” The menu will feature Burgers and beers “expertly paired” with each track on AC/DC’s Back in Black album by The Burger Week founder, Rev Ciancio. The album, originally released in 1980, has gone on to become the 4th highest selling album of all time. On the anniversary of its recording in New York at Electric Lady Studios, attendees will enjoy a selection of off-menu mini-burgers created by Chef Dennis Hatzinger using Burger Maker’s Custom Blend Certified Angus Beef Burgers, each themed with a different song on the album. Burgers will be served with a series of craft beers from Bell’s Brewery, Two Brothers, 21st Amendment and Singlecut Beersmiths. The dinner will also include an order of tater tots & a shot of whiskey.

More details and tickets are available here: http://theburgerweek.com/tickets/

Must be 21+ to consume alcohol.

Four more events will be announced shortly as well as a week-long off-menu burger promotion with delivery.com that involves some of the best Burger restaurants in NYC. Restaurants, Chefs and sponsors interested in participating in NY Burger Week can find out how to get involved here.

About NY Burger Week

NY Burger Week is an annual delicious celebration of all things Burger in New York. It is an extension of the burger blog, BurgerConquest.com written by sales marketing strategist, David “Rev” Ciancio. Rev has written about more than 600 Burgers, been featured on numerous different TV shows and named an “Expert Burger Taster” by The Learning Channel.

About Burger Maker
Burger Maker was established in 1978 in New York City’s meatpacking district by David Schweid, a 2nd generation meat man. The company is now wholly owned and operated by David and his two sons Jamie & Brad in Carlstadt, NJ. Burger Maker specializes in making fresh patties in all shapes, sizes, and blends as well as bulk ground beef. Custom blends include everything from chuck to hanger to short rib to brisket. Burger Maker also makes Grass Fed ground beef and actively participates and adheres to Certified Humane certifications. The company has been awarded with the highest standards of SQF certification in both food safety and food quality. Burger Maker uses a delicate process to create ground beef that has a soft bite that maintains all natural beef flavors.

About The Food Film Festival
The Food Film Festival, created and hosted by Travel Channel’s George Motz, is the only festival in the world where guests get to Taste What They See on the Screen. Now in New York City, Chicago and Charleston, SC, The Food Film Festival shows films about food, then serves the food from the films…right in your seat!

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